How Many Chiropractors are in Australia?

By Dr. Paul Calladine

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Summary: The Number of Chiropractors in Australia

According to the Chiropractic Board of Australia, there are 4,875 practising and 292 non-practising chiropractors in Australia as of June 2016.

  • NSW: 1,760 (33.4%)
  • VIC:  1,358 (26%)
  • QLD: 844 (16%)
  • WA: 618 (11.8%)
  • SA: 375 (7.1%)
  • ACT: 66 (1.3%)
  • TAS: 57 (1.1%)
  • NT: 28 (0.5%)

The chiropractic profession in Australia is a growing industry that currently experiences wide levels of public acceptance. It is estimated that each week over 200,000 Australian's visit their local chiropractor for care.

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