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psych-k private sessions Sydney

What is Psych-k?

Psych-K is a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind and change the printout of your life.


Ever wonder why your life doesn’t work out the way you want it to?


Perhaps you are aware of a behavioural problem you have? Maybe you realise you’re stuck in a recurring loop? Is stress getting to you?


If any of this sounds interesting then please read further…


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Psych-K is a method of testing/checking your “subconscious” minds programs of; beliefs, fears, traumas, stressors, personality traits, characteristics, stress, anxiety (saving some from panic attacks), depression plus more. If these programs are not suitable for you, this method helps reset them, giving you a new result (enabling your new programming to function automatically).


It is a simple and direct way to change self-limiting beliefs at the “subconscious” level of the mind, where nearly all human behaviour--- both constructive and destructive --- originates.


Or simply put - help fix things inside your head.


"If you believe you can, or you believe you can''re right!"-  Henry Ford.


Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know. And unless you have a very good friend that points out your “faults”, Psych-k may be the answer to this conundrum. You simply test anything. It’s terrific science and anyone can learn.


Self-Help Techniques


The trick is, that many of the standard self-help techniques commonly used today including; mindfulness, positive thinking, will power, true grit, try harder, toughen up you’ll be fine, affirmations, vision boards, visualisation etc, are predominately limited to your “conscious” mind. While these can be helpful, they do not consistently change your “subconscious” mind where all the hardwired programs exist.


What you need to know is that, your “conscious” mind runs very slowly and can only manage 3 or 4 thoughts at any given time. Your “subconscious” mind runs quickly, like a modern computer that can hold terabytes of data = programs.


Therefore, the “conscious” mind techniques as listed above, are seriously limited in effectiveness.




Because if “conscious” mind techniques were all that were needed to change your habit, you would already be doing and being all that you thought you were changing.


Have you noticed that doesn’t happen predictably?




Remember, you have to consistently refer back to your “mindfulness” technique card/list to utilise them, consciously. This means the changes you thought you were changing were not permanent.


Therefore, you didn’t affect your “subconscious” mind. Whereas the Psych-K method is working with your “subconscious“ mind directly. Psych-K effects a permanent change with your “subconscious” mind’s programs (you can check what you do).


Therefore, you do not need to refer back to a card/list.


The distinction is, your “subconscious” mind works like a modern computer holding terabytes of data that works extremely fast but only on existing programmes, your “subconscious” is not creative, it does not problem solve, therefore, if you use this method to check what your “subconscious” programs are or what situations are causing you stress, using the Psych-K method can create change if you want.


How may you benefit from a Psych-k session?


Benefits are individual and depending on what behaviours, unhelpful negative thoughts, the stress of past traumas etc are holding you back from reaching your full potential.


Some examples being;


One female patient wanted to change the way she reacted when her partner did things that upset her. Approximately 6 weeks after her session she excitedly told me that she noticed that when her partner did something during that week that would usually set her off, she was so happy to realise that she did not react at all and was not bothered by the behaviour. This allowed her to better handle an awkward situation and find a better solution.


Another patient was experiencing extreme anxiety and depression due to a family situation, her stress levels and anxiety were dramatically reduced during the first session, after 3 sessions she reported she was well below her previous levels and able to cope better with her family situation plus her day to day tasks at work and in her marriage.


A person who had previously served in the military and suffering obvious PTSD, using Psych-K methods he was able to bring down his stress of his previous trauma. Allowing him to have more restful sleep and relate to others better and heal.


Psych-K works on a few areas, one being stress where the individual thinks up situations, past, present or future and check them with kinesiology (muscle testing) to see if they are carrying stress. A weak muscle test demonstrates that the situation is perceived as stressful. If one would like to permanently eliminate the stress, then we apply the Psych-K method.


Another area works with behaviours that are established in your “subconscious” (unconscious) mind. We then check any behaviour the individual wants and if it doesn’t register the way you would like it in your “subconscious” then it can be corrected if you want.


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We offer private Psych-K sessions in Drummoyne, Sydney. Our practitioner, Paul Calladine, is a certified Psych-k professional who helps patients Sydney-wide. Book in for your private session today.

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