Chiropractic and Motor Vehicle Accidents

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car accidents and chiropractic

Car Accidents and Chiropractic Care


Helping you on the road to recovery. Have you or somebody you know been involved in a motor vehicle accident recently? If this is the case, it's recommended to see a chiropractor as soon as possible.


The rule of thumb is to see a chiropractor within 3 days of the accident (this applies to slips, trips and falls as well) to avoid serious damage/trauma from 'locking up' in your system. These traumas may stay locked in your system for years and a small misalignment may come back in the future as a major health crisis.

Common Injuries to Watch Out For

Some of the common injuries associated with motor vehicles accidents include:

  • whiplash
  • soft-tissue injury
  • neck injury
  • back injury
  • neck pain
  • seat belt burn
  • vertebral misalignments
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Research Suggests Chiropractic Helps Recovery After an Accident

A Canadian research paper (Dies S.) cited that motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of spinal injuries treated by chiropractors. It was determined for patient's who were injured in a car accident, the average number of chiropractic treatments given was 14. Those patients who complained of headaches or low back pain required more treatments than average. The level of improvement for patients who received chiropractic care was greater than those who delayed seeking treatment.


If you're injured in a car accident, do not delay seeking treatment. Therefore the point needs to be made that if you, or someone you know, has recently been injured in a car accident, it's recommended they receive a chiropractic assessment as soon as possible.

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