What To Expect After My First Chiropractic Adjustment?

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How you feel after your chiropractic adjustment

Not all doctors are the same, although having said that – we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our clinic and your all-round experience with Lyons Road Family Chiropractic.


Under the ‘Chiropractic’ menu option we have now provided you with information on the benefits of chiropractic, how you may benefit from a thorough chiropractic check up and exactly how your chiropractic adjustments work.


If you’re been to a chiropractor before, you may be familiar with how the adjustments work. Over time, and after a series of adjustments, you may notice changes to your body. If you’re never been to a chiropractor before, rest assured we will work with you to personally address your health challenges.

My First Adjustments

After your chiropractic adjustment it's common to feel/experience certain things, of course everybody is different. When you leave the clinic, go for a 5 minute walk to help your body reset. Remember, you body is one interconnected system and as one part of it adjusts, another part may readjust back to its original functional state.


After a chiropractic adjustment, it's common to experience some of these sensations:

  • you may feel relaxed or sleepy later that day and may experience a deep sleep
  • it is possible you may wake up feeling stiff in the area that was adjusted, a feeling similar to that of a post gym workout
  • you may feel more flexible
  • you may feel a sense of relief or reduced pressure
  • it is possible that another part of your body may experience symptoms or a slight tenderness somewhere however this is all short term.

If you are sore any longer then a few hours or have anything else that is concerning please call us on (02) 9819 6182.

How long do I have to see a chiropractor?

That depends on your case and your diagnosis. If you've had spinal problems since childhood or have moderate to advanced spinal degeneration, you may require ongoing support to stabilise and correct your condition.


If you have a high stress job or perform activities that promote poor posture you may benefit from regular maintenance care, such as monthly adjustments. Some patients seek chiropractic care only when they are in pain and require crisis management.


How long do you want to benefit from chiropractic care for? It all starts with your chiropractic check up, so please leave your details on our new patient page and let’s get started.


You may be surprised by how your life might change.

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