Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you will find some common FAQs about Lyons Road Family Chiropractic Centre and chiropractic care. Please call or email for further information.


Q) Is chiropractic care safe?

A) Chiropractic is generally regarded as being safe and effective. A recent inquiry by the New Zealand government remarked that chiropractic is 'remarkably safe'.* Chiropractic has an excellent safety record and is a form of healthcare that negates the need for invasive surgery and addictive drugs in many cases. Note: no health or medical treatment is entirely free from risk. 


In regards to neck and back pain treatment a study indicated that chiropractic is up to 250 times safer than a course of anti-inflammatory drugs. **


Q) Can chiropractic help me with back pain?

A) In many cases, yes. Chiropractic is a proven therapy in the treatment of back pain.


Q) Can chiropractic help me with headaches and migraines?

A) In up to 90%*** of cases, yes. Chiropractic is effective for tension headaches and headaches coming from the neck.


Q) Do I need a referral from a GP?

A) No. Chiropractors are primary healthcare practitioners. Some GP's may refer patients for chiropractic care under the Allied Health program through Medicare.


Q) How long will I need to see a chiropractor for?

A) That depends on your case and your diagnosis. If you've had spinal problems since childhood or have moderate to advanced spinal degeneration you may require ongoing support to stabilise and correct your condition. If you have a high stress job or perform activities that promote poor posture you may benefit from regular maintenance care. Some patients seek chiropractic care only when they are in pain and require crisis management. How long do you want to benefit from chiropractic care for?


Q) Is chiropractic suitable for older people?

A) Yes. Many of our ongoing patients are seniors who have enjoyed the many benefits of regular chiropractic care. Their adjustments help keep them strong, flexible and improve their mobility and vitality. Chiropractic is often seen as the natural alternative to the long term reliance on prescription medication which can have serious health side-effects.


Q) Is chiropractic suitable for children?

A) Yes, in some cases. Many of the spinal problems encountered in adulthood can be prevented during the childhood and adolescent growth stages. Significant trauma can occur at birth and many patients choose to have their children checked by chiropractors for any spine related problems. Chiropractic adjustment techniques are modified to a child's spine.


Q) Can chiropractors help correct posture?

A) In some cases, yes. Postural problems such as sway back posture, forward head posture and postures that contribute to back pain and discomfort are often helped by chiropractors.


Q) Does an adjustment hurt?

A) In most cases, no. Many patients actually find their adjustments relaxing and feel great afterwards. Sometimes a 'post gym' workout feeling may be experienced due to release of tight muscles. The 'cracking' sound is the release of gas from the joints as spinal movement during an adjustment is restored.


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