Orthotics and Flat Feet

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Do I Have Flat Feet?


Flat feet are feet that have lost their arch support and subsequently roll in/out or the entire sole of the foot coming into complete contact with the ground. Many people have lost part of their arch support system and this can manifest as a variety of postural and health issues.


We offer postural check ups to see if your feet are flat.


If you're looking for orthotics in Sydney, the team at Lyons Road Family Chiro may be able to help.


We perform digital foot scans to look for loss of arch support and other postural issues. Laser cut custom orthotics can be ordered according to your measurements and fitted to ensure the best comfort while improving function.

Problems Associated With Flat Feet

Some common problems associated with flat feet include:

  • foot, leg, knee and hip pain
  • lower back pain due to postural misalignments arising from loss of natural arch
  • reduced athletic performance
  • reduced mobility and levels of comfort
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What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are custom made foot supports designed to address loss of natural arch system and improve biomechanics. Orthotics (also called orthoses) tend to be better than pre-made inserts as they address your unique needs and are made according to your own measurements. Based on the foot scan we do here in the clinic, we can recommend the best option for you.


Orthotics address foot pain, Plantar Fasciitis, tendonitis, shin splints, uneven leg length and misaligned hips. They can be made from different materials depending on their use. Plastic and carbon fibre orthotics to control motion of the joints versus soft, compressible silicone or foam for gentle arch support, arthritis sufferers or those in pain.

Take Home a Digital Foot Scan Today

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  • At Lyons Road Family Chiro we have an on-site digital foot scanner to assess your feet for pronation/supination.
  • We'll produce your report from a scan of the soles of your feet, assessing foot pressure, weight distribution, symmetry and arch support.
  • You can take this report home.

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