You Can Sleep Better - 6 Tips for Better Sleep

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You can go out and buy an expensive bed, but you can't buy a good nights sleep.


It is astounding to realise that approximately one third of our lives are spent in bed.


Have you thought about your sleeping posture in relation to maintaining a healthy spine?

Sleep is essential to every one of us as it recharges your body, both physically and mentally. Your body also heals itself during this time, with your cells doing a lot of repairing.


Research from the Harvard Medical School shows that chronic lack of sleep is linked to an increased likelihood in the occurrence of colds and flu, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, mood disorders and even obesity. Poor sleep is associated with lower life expectancy*


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The question is, do you want to sleep better?


Patients with spinal problems have greater difficulty falling asleep, have more frequent awakenings, sleep subjectively less well, take more and longer naps, and snore more**. Sleep disorders such as insomnia have been associated with painful musculoskeletal conditions that may result in sleepiness, irritability and feelings of misery. ***


Chiropractic Adjustments May Help


6 Tips for a Better Night Sleep

1) Sleep on your back or try placing a bunched up towel underneath your neck to support your natural neck curve when sleeping on your back (without your normal pillow).


2) As the second best option, sleep on your side however support your head in neutral, not too high or too low so that your ear lines up with your shoulder and hip. Note: if you need to put your arm under your head while sleeping on your side your pillow is too low!


3) Don’t sleep with a pillow underneath your knees for more than 10 minutes - it puts stress on your lower back.


4) Never sleep on your stomach because your spine is twisted and you won’t heal or rejuvenate.


5) If your mattress slouches in the middle, throw it out! It won’t support your spine.


6) Invest in a Chiropractic Pillow - this is designed to support your neck curve when sleeping

sleep tips

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The 'Take Home' Message?

One of the many benefits our patients report is improved sleep with their chiropractic care. People tend to sleep better when they are not in pain or discomfort. How well are you sleeping? Perhaps a chiropractic check up might address some of your health concerns, including how your posture affects your sleeping patterns. For chiropractic care close to Haberfield and Russell Lea, contact us today.


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** Biering-Sorensen, F ., & Biering-Sorensen, M. (2001). Sleep disturbances in the spinal cord injured: an epidemiological questionnaire investigation, including a normal population. Spinal Cord, 39, 505-513

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