A simple way to break bad habits

By Doctor Paul Calladine (Chiro)

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As a chiropractor I know just how important good spinal health is. For many people, achieving good spinal health isn't easy. Unfortunately, I see many members of the local community living with poor posture, injury and chronic pain. In some cases, their health challenges come about from a series of bad habits including slouched posture, sitting for too long, lack of exercise and poor diet.


If only there was a simple way to break bad habits and pick up new, better habits! Well, there maybe a way. The secret lies in how your mind thinks of the trigger and the reward.


I'm sharing this educational TEDTalk with you by Psychiatrist Judson Brewer. Essentially, if we want to pick up good habits and train ourselves to make informed decisions, we need to be mindful of our actions, behaviours and thoughts. This is some pretty powerful 'food for thought' and especially powerful if you're looking to overcome a health problem or a bad habit that you know is impacting your quality of life.


Watch Now: A simple way to break a bad habit

How to become mindful about your health

Overtime, if you start to think about each of your 'bad habits' and the triggers for these, you may realise how the body wants to let go of bad habits and adopt new ones. The power of using mindfulness to break bad habits can't be underestimated.


Many chiropractic patients often tell me that they want a solution to their health problem. Whether it is back pain, headaches or an old sporting injury, the one common thread is that inaction tends to leave these health problems unresolved. By taking positive action to address these problems, you can break away from bad habits and work towards a healthier future.

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