11 Inspirational Quotes To Change Your Life


We all work towards goals. Sometimes it may feel that the world is against you and that everything can be too hard. 


Occasionally this is true. However, it's how we act in these situations that truly defines how we can change our lives.


Obtaining goals is not easy and requires a plan, dedication, being able to make mistakes (and to learn from them) and also being flexible.

You need to plan your work so that you can work your plan. You need to plan for change so that you can change your plan. When you do come across failure, you ask yourself two questions:


1) Will I give up?

2) Will I continue?


These questions work to test your courage. As you continue to say yes each time these questions are posed, it should become easier. To help you to continue on your journey, to follow your plan and to ultimately change your life for the better, here are some of our favourite inspirational quotes. 

Inspiring quotes to keep you motivated and tracking towards your goals:

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