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3) Inflammation and Your Spine

Inflammation and Your Spine
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Tool Kit Overview

What is spinal inflammation?

Inflammation of the spine can be caused by:

  • Poor posture
  • Sports injury
  • Twisting/turning the wrong way
  • Degeneration over time
  • Vertebral misalignment

More serious conditions that contribute to Inflammation can include:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Infection

Think about this: everything you do during the day while being in an upright position places stress on your spine. It has to support your body weight. It is extremely common to have minor injuries of the discs, causing inflammation.


Patients with spinal inflammation will experience back pain in some form. With repeated daily stresses and an accumulation of minor injuries, inflammation can flare up, putting pressure on your nerves, causing pain and eventual disc degeneration.


What can you do to minimise inflammation?

  • Avoid activities that put stress/pressure on your back
  • Use ICE therapy to cool hot inflammation and sooth back pain
  • Commit to a regular series of chiropractic adjustments to correct vertebral misalignments that can cause inflammation.

Spinal Degeneration

The Phases of Degeneration


The process of degeneration of the vertebral discs causes many problems in the spine. Chiropractors work to minimise degeneration and sometimes to reverse the phases of degeneration. Inflammation can occur during any of these phases, however progressively gets worse.


What was your phase of degeneration?


Do you remember from your Report what phase of degeneration your cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine were in?


We are working to prevent further degeneration from occuring and in some cases, to reverse some of the degeneration.


This healing process takes time and is vital if you want a healthy spine and nervous system.


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