Nerves and Brains

There is very exciting news in the fields of nerves and brains. This new evidence by Dr Heidi Haavak (chiropractor and PhD in neurology) and numerous colleagues around the world are describing what I have been demonstrating with my clients for over 30 years, in that your body is all connected and functions better when all your joints are moving, your muscles are all relaxed at rest and you are in ‘Neutral Posture’ 😊 while doing your work and activities.


Remember that your spinal bones support and protects your spinal cord and the smaller nerves that go to every part of your body. Therefore, for your brain to work properly, all your moving parts (joints) should be able to function, if not (which everyone presenting to ‘Lyons Road’ so far, has not), holistic Chiropractors call this ‘Subluxations’. And when you have your subluxations adjusted/reduced by your chiropractor with an emphasis on achieving ‘Neutral Postures’ (at work, rest and play). Then you may heal from all sorts of health riddles! Cool, eh!


Subluxations/injuries, create tension/stress in your muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments in your body, which means you begin to crush your joints (which results in osteoarthritis) and even, adversely affect your brain. And then you guys report the saddest things, like, ‘I used to play sport’. This means that even if this appears to be under your radar (you may not necessarily feel this happening), and then your injuries have taken over. 


Which is why people who like to remain active have regular checks for Subluxations and their posture. When you are out of ‘Neutral Posture’ your nerves get bothered, (both locally and in the front part of your brain the Pre-frontal cortex). Then you do not react properly to new information and become un-co-ordinated! Then you are more prone to have accidents and injuries.


If you are not in ‘Neutral Posture’, this sets up extra pressure on your joints and muscles, like teens sitting or standing with their heads looking down to their phones. Younger children do it to the extreme because they are so flexible. 

Unless this is caught early! Yours and their spines grow unevenly. This sets up a lifetime of trying to have it corrected. And commonly also sets up other health riddles.


An interesting yet concerning side note, is the disastrous - ‘double up’ from cell phones, the EMF’s (electro- magnetic frequency’s) from the ‘Batteries’ and their connection to phone towers (we are constantly all being micro- waved). These frequencies are known to be extremely harmful to mammals. Therefore, things like ‘ear buds’ (that are right beside your brain are micro-waving it says Nick Pineault) produce very high exposure, plus when you charge you phones, noting that teens and especially younger children have much ‘thinner skull bones’. Therefore, this actually microwaves their developing brains even more than we as adults do ☹

Research by Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, a retired lecturer from Imperial College London, wrote about the link between EMFs emitted by cell towers and thyroid dysfunction:


Independent research demonstrates that cell phones near our body have disastrous effects. It is similar to the older ‘smoking’ issue. They might not cause cancers today; however, this independent research has observed that cancers are showing up with the more time you hold your phone nearest your brain (therefore use hands free and wired headphone ear buds). This puts enormous strain on your body. Research is limited because telco’s do not want to prove their technology causes harm (just like the tobacco industry didn’t want the results to come out). 


Have you ever noticed this? If I hold my cell phone to my head, in a few minutes I have head pain (and I never have headaches!).

The research by Dr Heidi Haavak, also demonstrates that chiropractic spinal adjustments reset the main part of your front brain giving you a chance to reset your Subluxations and heal better.


Since you live in a gravity environment it is wise to have regular check ups to see where you may best have your spine and front brain stimulated and keep you up to your busy lives.   




2) Dr Heidi Haavak DC, PhD, New Zealand College of Chiropractic.


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