10 Chiropractic Quotes That Changed My Life

Are you looking for your daily dose of inspiration? Well, look no further. In this collection of 10 chiropractic quotes we hope to motivate and inspire you to take positive action!


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1) Unknown: "Increase your power the easy way through chiropractic"

chiropractic quotes

2) Dr. Paul Calladine Chiropractor: "Chiropractic - do it with purpose"

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3) Dr. Paul Calladine Chiropractor: "Be real, be yourself, be unique, be true, be honest, be humble, be happy"

chiropractic quotes

4) DD Palmer (founder of chiropractic): "There is a vast difference between treating the effects and adjusting the cause"

hippocrates health spine quote

5) Hippocrates: "Look well to the spine for the cause of disease"

chiropractic quotes

6) Unknown: "Good morning beauty!"

BJ palmer quotes

7) B.J. Palmer (developer of chiropractic): "The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease"

chiropractic quotes

8) Hippocratic School of Medicine: "The greatest medicine is to teach people how not to need it"

chiropractic quotes

9) Virgil: "The greatest wealth is health"

chiropractic quotes

10) Dr. Paul Calladine (Chiropractor): "At first, they'll ask you why you're doing it. Later, they'll ask how you did it"

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