Did You Know You Have A Sixth Sense

you have a sixth sense

I Have a Sixth Sense....Really?

Well, yes. In a way. Let me explain.


Let’s play a game. If you put your hand behind your back, how do you know where it is?


Can you see it?


Can you taste it?


Where is it if it was in the air and you can’t feel it?


How do you know where it is?


This is called proprioception and is your sixth sense (not like the movie). There is no supernatural element to this.

More About Proprioception

For people who suffer from stroke, they often have difficulty with balance and coordination during their recovery. Additionally, proprioception is also impaired by diseases or injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system, such as those treated by chiropractic.


It is the most recent trend in science to describe what chiropractors do. A chiropractor I know Dr. Dan Murph has a message to people:


“Don’t wait until you are all screwed up let’s try to prevent health problems, so let’s have a look at this in a holistic way and from the perspective of innate intelligence”.


It turns out that there are billions of messages sent up your nerves every second to your brain that tell it where your body parts are, and sends down appropriate commands to do jobs, like if you want to walk in a straight line or go dancing.


Therefore if the brain receives bad messages, it sends out bad commands. It will do this to all the parts of your body. Think what might happen if a bad command went to your stomach or back muscle?


Your body wants to be healthy and knows what it’s supposed to do. However if you are subluxated your body cannot do its job properly. This is why you need regular care to keep your subluxations at bay in this tricky world we live in.

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    editingarsenal (Monday, 23 October 2017 15:51)

    I did not know how powerful our sixth sense is. Its an interesting read.