4 Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water

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hot lemon water

4 reasons to drink hot lemon water every morning

Every morning, boil the kettle, slice a wedge of juicy lemon and brew up a hot cup of health. Why not try this drink instead of your cup of coffee first thing. This drink is recommended by nutritionists and natural health care workers the world over and for several great reasons! Read on below to discover the many benefits of this zesty, hot and healthy tonic. We have included a great infographic for you to enjoy as well.

1) Balance your alkaline levels

An Alkaline Balance: The acidity in lemon actually helps to maintain an alkaline pH balance in your body. A common scientific truth is that acidic conditions in the body promote disease. Having a balanced pH and a diet high in alkaline foods helps to counter the effects of damaging acidity.

2) Detox daily

A Daily Detox and Digestive Defense: The enzymes in lemon juice act as a powerful awakening agent that serves to activate digestive function. This in turn improves your body's natural ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals throughout the day. This works to maximise the nutritional value of the food you have already ingested, and will ingest throughout the day.

3) Weight loss

Weight Loss Wonders: Wonder no more, the fact is that lemon juice contains the soluble fibre 'pectin' which has been shown to aid in weight loss. Pectin acts like a gelatinous mass that creates a feeling of fullness and slows down gastric emptying from your stomach to intestine.

4) Ease digestive pain

Turn that Frown Upside Down - Lemon Juice Soothes A Sore Tummy: Lemon juice contains flavonoids that may help reduce acidity in your stomach and the hot water cleanses your system. If you go to bed on a full stomach, have heartburn or bloating, hot lemon juice may be just the thing!


So, what will you be drinking this morning?

Infographic: health benefits of hot lemon water

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