Degeneration and Your Spine

What is Spinal Degeneration?


The process of degeneration of the vertebral discs causes many problems in the spine. Chiropractors work to minimise degeneration and sometimes to reverse the phases of degeneration.


Think about this: everything you do during the day while being in an upright position places stress on the spine. It has to support your body weight. It is extremely common to have minor injuries of the discs and to not feel pain. However with repeated daily stresses and an accumulation of minor injuries, let alone a major trauma or shock to the system, they can add up over time and eventually the discs degenerate and wear away.

So, what exactly is a disc?

They are designed to absorb pressure and keep the spine flexible by acting as cushions (think of shock absorbers). A healthy disc has some water in it giving it a spongy quality. The other components of the discs are fibro-cartilaginous materials which give it it’s strong characteristics. Under direct downward pressure the disc is stronger than the bones it attaches to. Discs are built like a jelly filled onion and if they are weakened the outer layers rip. When this happens the body needs to repair it and this is the swelling that actually causes all the eventual pain (which may happen overnight or over years). This swelling sets up sciatica, weakness and commonly all types of pain scenarios.

Early warning signs


Signs to watch for include pain in the back, gluteal muscles and/or thighs. You may also feel radiating pain into other areas as well.


The real issue is when your disc is even a little injured = swollen it is extremely difficult for it to heal up completely because it is under enormous pressure. That is why people have back pain for decades and usually try all sorts of medication which of course can’t work because that is not it’s true purpose.


Those of you that are reading this have the best opportunity because you have had some relief from all kinds of pressure simply from having been adjusted. The humble chiropractic adjustments very nature is multi-purposeful but as far as I have observed for 35 years it is one of the very few things that is attempting to allow your body to relax enough to heal more completely. The other fundamental fact is that unless your pelvic / rear axle joints are moving correctly you will never heal a spinal disc properly!

What you can do


A combination of physical therapies including regular chiropractic adjustments, stretching, remedial training, massage and acupuncture can all help.


If you are in pain, most likely you have inflammation and an injury along your spine. This would be a good time to use ice therapy. Applying ice to an injury for short bursts will commonly sooth inflammation = reduced swelling and reduced pain.


Our sole purpose at Lyons Road Family Chiro is to serve you and to identify and remove harmful spinal subluxations. We do this to correct the shape of your spine, returning normal function to your body and ultimately, to keep you in optimal health.


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